Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Travelling Tubie Project About?

As a Mum to a Tube fed child, I felt there was a miss understanding in way people felt about tubes. I was made to feel as though there was something 'wrong' with my son. Yet that's not how I felt. It made my son thrive, it gave him relief, and it was the happiest I had ever seen my little boy. It was something we were never ashamed of, we were proud of what it did for our son. So we wanted others to be giving a reason to smile, to celebrate and wear their tube with pride. Our Aim is to photograph as many tubies as possible. To bring them together to be given a sense of community and beauty to all types of tubes.

Where are you going next?

We can only predict 2-3 months in advance. As travel times can take longer than expected. (As we have learnt cars and caravan has their own plans sometimes) Joining our mailing list to be given the next location first! Otherwise keep updated checking the page with 'travel dates'

What does it cost to attend?

TICKETS ARE FREE! But we are limited to first in. The amount of tickets released are limited so be quick!
To obtain any images for your own does how ever cost a small fee, as this helps keeps us going and allows us to get to the next session. As well as supporting the time it takes to edit images, drive long distances and also a small percentage goes to donating tapes to local hospitals too.

I have a wheelchair, can I still attend??

ABSALOUTLY!!! We are all inclusive, there is no age, no restrictions. Please add in the comment section if there is anything we may need to know, to ensure you have a safe, fun and enjoyable day when you attend. Just pop it into the comments section when purchasing. Otherwise shoot us a facebook/insta message if you are unsure.

Can I buy photos and put filters on them?

Unfortunately not. We spend a great deal of time taking, editing and crafting beautiful images. We wish for this to be respected and image kept as they are purchased.
This included black and white. If you would like your images in black and white just ask!

Can I post image on social media?

Absolutely!! We LOVE seeing images posted on social media, and seeing them shared for others too. Don't forget to tag us so we get to see them too!

Can I print the images I purchase?

Yes of course, when you purchase your image you purchase the right to print and use images. (But not edit) We hold the intellectual property to the images and when you attend we get you to sign a form to state you are happy for us to post, print, edit, use, distribute and share any images taken on the day by our professional photographers. This is mandatory to attend.

How do we book?

Keep an eye out for session dates. Tickets will be released a 3-4 weeks before the session date. Tickets are limited once released.
Tickets are transferable if for some reason you can not attend.

What do i wear?

This is an important one!
We have a strict policy on clothing, we can not photograph clothing that has licensed images and these will need to be blurred on using the images. When attending thing of soft, natural and neutral coloured clothing. No bright colors and overwhelming patterns. This allows the tapes and tubes to be easier to see, as well as allows for a more natural calming environment.
Try not to wear all white, as we are all about natural colours, and taking the 'white medical' look out, replacing with fun and enjoyable.

My child (or myself) needs tapes, what should i use on them?

If you are using tapes, we encourage you to re tape when you arrive, and you then have the ability to choose your own pattern, to use for free. We will bring a range of tapes, so we can have fresh clean tapes on the day. If for what ever reason you can not use our tapes. Please replace tapes to be fresh and clean in the morning before arriving with something that you know wont react to them.
They then must be white or non patterned as we can not shoot images with another companies patterned tapes used.

We have just weaned off our tubes.

Firstly, congratulations! Secondly we reserve two tickets for those that would like to celebrate no longer needing their tubes! Please bring a no longer needed tube so we can take images of it, cutting it up or throwing it away. No longer needing your tube is your story, and we want to allow you to celebrate that too. We can only reserve two weaned tubies per session as to allow a diverse range of children/adults to attend each session.

What should I do if I can no longer attend a session?

Please let us know ASAP. We have many others who missed out on tickets and would love to attend. Otherwise if you know of someone who you would like to take your ticket, you are welcome to pass it on. Just email us as a reply with there names, and types of tubes that will be taking over your ticket.

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